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Your DNA contains vital information about you, including your hereditary susceptibility to diseases, nutritional needs, metabolic potential, treatment response, immunity, ancestry, beauty & fitness. Preventive healthcare test using DNA can identify certain health conditions existing in your body or your risk for developing certain disease or passing on a genetic disorder.

Advantages of Preventive Healthcare Testing​

  • Personal genomic test for the prediction of genetic traits for your future health.
  • Easy screening methodology.
  • Identify genetic traits to induce improvements in the environment and habits.

Unleash Your DNA Through Lifegeno

Your genes effect your health, nutrition, fitness, drug response etc

Comprehensive wellness report designed for individuals who all are looking for a better option to know their health and intend to optimize it, based on the genetic information for future well-being.

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Disease Susceptibility

This section of report gives the association between the genotype with the health conditions on the basis of national and international literature. This can give the information towards the most prevailing lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular diseases, type2 diabetes, obesity and thyroid etc. As per the report, a person can plan management and relevant precautions can be implemented to control these diseases.


Fitness section helps you to understand your body’s potential for physical performance, its stamina and tolerance. The report provides the risk for certain type of injures you are prone to muscle damage and repair. Report can further help to personalize your exercise routine to reach your fitness and wellness goals and also enhancing performance in sports and athletics


Nutrition Section of report helps you to understand your best eating pattern and behavior along with taste perception, macronutrient response and micronutrient metabolism. This report will help to manage weight well along with your intolerance and sensitivity to certain foods.


Pharmacogenomics report can improve your health by helping you know ahead of time whether a drug is likely to benefit or is it safe to consume. This report is based on pharmacogenomics, in which it combines pharmacology and genomics. Content in the report can help your healthcare practitioner to minimize adverse drug reactions.

Aesthetics / Beauty

Aesthetic section will help you to understand the genetically defined role on skin health, allergy, facial aging, wrinkles, weight gain tendency and many traits related to dental and oral health. This report provides the risk score to personalize your beauty.

Hormonal Well Being

This section mainly focused on hormonal health for both male and women. Genetic influence on hormonal imbalance can be suspected early in lifetime. Report can further help you to personalize your wellness goal.

Gastrointestinal Welfare

Gastrointestinal welfare section in this report can help you to understand the most common pattern of disease risk pattern related to GI track. Traits such as ulcerative colitis, celiac diseases, irritable bowel disease, cirrhosis and many more are listed in this report. Risk score based on genetic basis for such diseases can help you to make early decision to manage any such condition.

Immune System Sensitivity

Allergy is one of the conditions which associated with immune reaction to allergens. Arthritis and autoimmune diseases are another major contribution to immune system sensitivity. Knowing the genetic risk score can avoid many complications due to immune system sensitivity.


This section of the report is focused on genetic risk score for trait such as tanning ability, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema and many more. This helps you to adapt the lifestyle changes accurately for skin health.


This report contains the risk score for common neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, Dyslexia, Epilepsy, Lewy body dementia, parkinson’s disease etc


Genetic risk behind eye related diseases is common. Cataract, glaucoma, myopia are commonly observed eye related diseases.


Person’s personality is a great contributor towards his/her social behaviour and determination. Knowing genetic basis of it may help you to understand yourself better.


This section of the report describes about the genetic risk score to kidney related diseases.

IVF & Pregnancy Loss

Success rate to IVF is depends on many factor such as Embryo implantation, IVF failure, Ovarian stimulation response, Pregnancy rate, Recurrent implantation failure (RIF) and Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL). Genetic risk score identification may help you to take a prior decision to successful process of IVF.


This section of the report allows you to understand the benefit from a given vaccines.

Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are quite common and severity of the diseases are depending on the genetic content in us.

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